EARLYThree for Parents

Regular Price for Parents: $ 19.99

EARLYThree for Pediatricians

Regular Price for Pediatrician: $ 49.99

Track your child's developmental progress


EARLYThree is a mobile app that helps track a child’s developmental progress. The data collected can help healthcare professionals towards an early diagnosis of developmental delays like Autism


This app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

For support: care@EARLYThree.com


1. Enter the promo code you have received via email and tap Apply to continue

2. Select the Parent or Pediatrician Pack, enter your email address and tap Buy now

3. Once you make the purchase you will receive a confirmation email with links to both iTunes and Google Play, so that you can download the app

4. The confirmation email will also contain a unique username and password that you will use to login

5. - Tap to open Help guide